Sunday, February 24, 2008

Installation art

Google defines installation art as
-Refers to the hanging of ordinary objects on museum walls or the combining of found objects to create something completely new.
Wikie says
-Installation art is art that uses sculptural materials and other media to modify the way we experience a particular space.

"Just as the development of earth art and installation art stemmed from the idea of taking art out of the galleries, the basis of my involvement with public art is a continuation of wall drawings. "
-Sol LeWitt

Over the summer I did a program at CCA (California College of Arts)
and they had a visiting artist, who if you look at her web sit has some pretty
cool installation art with doilies and tanks.
-click recent works (tanks) and wall work 2(doilies)

Was trying to find this artist that came to Taiwan a few years ago
that did installation art with recycled cardboard but ran into this.

This person was showed at a Museum in San Francisco. She had this really
awesome installation with pencils and tape.

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